Crafting a Compelling Voice w. BRIAN ALLEN CARR

Author photo by Erin Davis.

Author photo by Erin Davis.

Crafting a Compelling Voice w. BRIAN ALLEN CARR

Brian Allen Carr’s novel Opioid, Indiana is out now from Soho Press. Brian is the author of several story collections and novellas and has been published in McSweeney’sHobart, and The Rumpus. He was the inaugural winner of the Texas Observer short story prize as judged by Larry McMurtry, and the recipient of a Wonderland Book Award. He lives in Indiana, where he sells cars.

Discussed In This Episode

Vaping. Being a teenager. Writing fast. Blue collar pulp noir. Borders. Belonging. Writing as coping. Revision. Loving bad reviews and learning from the mediocre ones. “I have found that, at least for me, if I'm not enjoying typing, I should not be typing.”

Bonus Segment: When Is a Voice Working?

Brian talks about what makes a voice click.

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