Starting with Voice and Fragmenting Structure w. JULIE BUNTIN & GABE HABASH

Julie Buntin author photo by Nina Subin.

Julie Buntin author photo by Nina Subin.

Episode 11

Julie Buntin is from northern Michigan. Her work has appeared in the AtlanticCosmopolitanOThe Oprah MagazineSlateElectric Literature, and One Teen Story, among other publications. She teaches fiction writing at Marymount Manhattan College and is the director of writing programs at Catapult

Gabe Habash is the fiction reviews editor for Publishers Weekly. He holds an MFA from New York University. They live in New York.

Discussed In This Episode

First person, third person and "unearned wisdom." First experiences, destructive teenage behavior and tracing the contours of big feelings. Families in upheaval. Female friendships. "It's your first truly intense passionate relationship." Rejecting cover designs and resisting the notion that women's literature is less serious. Starting with voice. "I was drawn to what kind of person would commit to something that's so demanding and unforgiving." Walking the line of character likability. Fragmented structure as psychological mirror. Sharing writing space. Binge writing and writing after work. How writers do money. Day jobs. Marrying another writer.   

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