Writing Your Way to a Theory w. NICK RIGGLE


Episode 15

Nick Riggle is a writer, skater and philosophy professor. His first book—On Being Awesome: A Unified Theory of How Not to Suck—comes out with Penguin Books on September 19. He teaches philosophy at the University of San Diego, and he's currently writing a novel about a beard and a philosophy book about YOLO.

Discussed In This Episode

What it is to be awesome (and to suck). The messy work of writing clearly. Writing as refuge. Staying in touch with the value of what you're doing. Antonyms. Restructuring. Writing your way to a theory. Hi-Phi Nation and philosophy through storytelling. "I am a motivational opportunist." YOLO, skating and talking facial hair. Creative dissatisfaction. "Why shouldn't a novel have a theme song?" Time. Lots of time.  

Recommended Reading

On Being Awesome, Nick Riggle
"High Five," Nick Riggle
Aaron James
On Bullshit, Harry G. Frankfurt


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