Writing While Parenting w. KAT GARDINER


Episode 34

Kat Gardiner’s debut collection of short fiction, Little Wonder, is out now from Father/Daughter Records. Born in Oklahoma, raised in the Pacific Northwest, and currently based in Detroit, Kat carries a restlessness through her writing that's been honed by a lifelong search for roots. She studied creative writing at Bennington College in Vermont, and later studied with Tom Spanbauer in Portland, Oregon.

Discussed In This Episode

Writing groups. “Failure is not failure; failure is how we learn and how we grow.” Tom Spanbauer and Dangerous Writing. Motherhood and writing: “I didn’t want my daughter to see that, as a woman, you spend your life driving toward something, and then you get pregnant and that’s the end.” The importance of sharing your work-in-progress. Is 100 a magic number? Creative Mornings. Patricia Wheeler on creativity and chaos. Rootlessness. Learning what you think by writing it down. “The story is where you’re at.” Dogme 95. Writing as invitation and relationship with the reader. Writing physicality in a way that signifies character. Prioritizing yourself is prioritizing your family. Is the goal for writing to be your financial support? Promoting yourself with authenticity. The Decemberists vs. Katy Perry.

Recommended Reading

Little Wonder, Kat Gardiner
“A Conversation with Chuck Palahniuk,” The Believer
Lydia Davis

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