How to Not Always Be Working w. MARLEE GRACE

Author photo by  Mae Stier.

Author photo by Mae Stier.

Episode 39

Marlee Grace’s book How to Not Always Be Working is out now. Marlee is an improviser and writer living on the rural coast of California. She works with improvisation as a method for navigating being alive and making work through dancing, quilting, writing, and podcasting. She also runs a community space and public studio in Inverness, CA, called CENTER.

Discussed In This Episode

“I can start my day over anytime.” Our inner critics love us (really). Roger De La Rosa. There are no guarantees, so do the work first. When your work (art) is so personal, how do you keep from working all the time? Digital performance and authenticity. Personal Practice and dancing on Instagram. “I’m kinda done apologizing for feeling confident and feeling joy.” Saturn returns, man. Women to love and model ourselves after (a partial list): Solange. Ellen Rutt. Jen Gotch is OK…Sometimes. Nicole Lavelle. Sarah Faith Gottesdiener. Waxahatchee. Jenna Kutcher and her Goal Digger podcast. Faythe Levine. Maybe all your different things are the same thing. Turning what you’re already doing into business. What parts of your career are draining you? What parts are giving you a lot? Clue app.

Recommended Reading

How to Not Always Be Working, Marlee Grace
Grit, Angela Duckworth
The Multi-Hyphen Method, Emma Gannon
Wild Power, Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer and Alexandra Pope 

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