Finding the Helpfulness in Failure w. JASON DIAMOND

Episode 6

Jason Diamond is the author of the memoir Searching for John Hughes. He's the culture and sports editor at and founder of Vol. 1 Brooklyn.

Discussed In This Episode:

Embracing cheesiness and rooting for the happy ending. John Hughes (of course). Making your life the center of the story. The helpfulness of failure. Obsessive characters. "Editors are like spouses, or shrinks." Being a total screw-up in New York in your 20s. Vol. 1 Brooklyn. Writing for the internet and moving on quickly. Connecting. The George Plimpton approach to sportswriting. Meditation. Writing about food. "Is it 1,000 words or 100,000 words?" Paying tribute to your influences (whether you realize it or not). Dead authors and cemeteries. Reading books alone in bars. 

Recommended Reading:

Searching for John Hughes, Jason Diamond (Amazon | IndieBound)
Wild, Cheryl Strayed (Amazon | IndieBound)
Drinking With Men, Rosie Schaap (Amazon | IndieBound)
Blue Plate Special, Kate Christensen (Amazon | IndieBound)
Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy (Amazon | IndieBound)
Priestdaddy, Patricia Lockwood (Amazon | IndieBound)
Blitzed, Norman Ohler (Amazon | IndieBound)
Imagine Wanting Only This, Kristen Radtke (Amazon | IndieBound)
Charles Dickens (Amazon | IndieBound)
Joan Didion (Amazon | IndieBound)
Nora Ephron (Amazon | IndieBound)
Moby Dick, Herman Melville (Amazon | IndieBound)

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