Editing Our Own Narratives w. JACK CHENG

Author photo by Wesley Verhoeve.

Author photo by Wesley Verhoeve.

Episode 8

Jack Cheng writes contemporary fiction for young readers. His debut middle grade novel, See You in the Cosmos, is a Junior Library Guild selection and Top 10 IndieNext pick for Spring 2017. It is to be published in twenty languages. Cheng’s writing draws on his experience of nearly a decade working in advertising and tech. His Kickstarter-funded first novel, These Days, laid the groundwork for a mode of fiction that uses modern technology to examine the things that make us human. He lives in Detroit.

Discussed In This Episode

Realizing you're writing a book for young readers. Avoiding the archetype of the unrealistically precocious kid. The "Space" episode of Radiolab. "Why does this person keep showing up in my life?" The Richard Feynman theory (kind of) on presenting complex topics to children. Self-publishing versus traditional publishing. Ikea. Editing our own narratives. Learning how to dig. There is such a thing as too much freedom. Advice from agents who don't sign you. Showing your work. How the hell do you Kickstart a novel? "Near sci-fi" and using technology to tell human stories. Sophomore struggles. 

Recommended Reading

See You in the Cosmos, Jack Cheng (Amazon | IndieBound)
These Days, Jack Cheng (Amazon | IndieBound)
The Artist's Way, Julia Cameron (Amazon | IndieBound)

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