Defining Your Writing Identity w. MARGINALLY PODCAST


Defining Your Writing Identity w. MARGINALLY PODCAST

Olivia Allison and Meghan Brawley are best friends and co-hosts of Marginally Podcast, where they talk about the ups and downs of combining day jobs and writing. They are most active on their podcast (subscribe in your favorite podcast app), website ( and Instagram, @marginallypodcast. 

Olivia has published a variety of non-fiction pieces of different lengths – one co-authored book and several articles in the politics and policy arena. She now working on a novel, as well as a selection of essays and short stories. You can see more about her writing at, or sign up for her TinyLetter at She splits her time between Ukraine and London, with lots of work travel mixed in from her day job as a consultant preventing and investigating fraud and corruption.

Meghan is a writer and librarian whose work has appeared in the Dallas Morning News, Kirkus online, book and culture website Forever Young Adult, and the feminist website Quotabelle, as well as select conference and trade publications. She writes both young adult and adult fiction centered around complex women’s friendships, and her current project is a YA novel about authenticity, climate change, and surfing. A Texan in exile, she currently share her North Carolina home—the 9th in 15 years—with her partner, two sons, and an elderly dog.

Discussed In This Episode

“Am I doing this right?” Writer identity. People-pleasing. Making a freelance career sustainable. Thinking of yourself as a business. Proposals for the Feminine Economy by Jennifer Armbrust. Making writing visually interesting. Works in progress. “Lord of the Rings of the oligarchs.” “Idea” books. Day jobs. Podcasting. How can Danielle Steel write like that? Plotting and structure.

Bonus Segment: Book Club!

We talk about Claire-Louise Bennett, Rachel Cusk, and Karl Knausgaard.

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